No Suds Window Cleaning

Between the stretching and the wiping, the tendency to leave stains or streaks, and all the hard work, it’s no wonder a lot of people prefer to hire out cleaning their windows. To many, it’s a household chore best done by professionals.


However, even with the deals, you can get from, it’s not always a budget choice. There are times when you have to do it yourself.


One of the issues, when people do this, is streaking. These are stains in the window that “streak” along the surface of the glass. It’s unsightly and can be difficult to remove. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this issue when you DIY window cleaning.


First, use distilled water.


Most of the time, as long as you’re using clean water, the quality of it isn’t a problem. With glass, though, you need to be more careful. Water content makes a huge difference. Hard water can be even worse.


Distilled water doesn’t have as many minerals that come with the tap. This prevents most streaking deposits in the mirror.


Another thing to remember is the use of vinegar.


Vinegar is one of those ingredients that just works for so many purposes. It’s tough not to have it. It’s useful because the proper solution can break down stains. Most cleaners are more expensive, though with vinegar you do have to contend with the smell.


I suggest using it on outdoor panes. That way, the wind will keep the smell from being too much of a concern.


Soap is one of those things that might seem like a good idea.


However, everyone knows that soap leaves suds. Suds can leave streaks on the glass of a window. If you use a proper cleaner or vinegar, you avoid this. Don’t use soap.


If you must add soap to the cleaning mixture, especially for an outdoor window that you need to be clear, go light on it. Only a little soap is required to remove dirt, and anything else can cause residue to form on the glass. Don’t get excessive – this isn’t laundry.


Don’t use paper towels. This is a grave error.


For whatever reason, people like using these for wiping their windows. This is a huge mistake because it can scratch the glass or leave stains. Paper towels weren’t designed for window cleaning.


Or, as noted, you could just hire professionals to do this part. It’d be a lot easier on you.

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