Cleaning With Baking Soda

Baking soda is probably one of the most flexible substances available in the average home. It can do a lot of things, including making it so much easier to clean all sorts of things. From clogged drains to times when you don’t want to call carpet cleaners Perth, there are many ways to use baking soda.


Here are some of the best options available. More often than not, these situations require toxic or otherwise harmful chemicals, so baking soda is a healthier choice here.


For a clogged drain, grab a cup of white vinegar to go with the baking soda.


You’ll want to pour the soda down first, and then the vinegar. Plug the drain and let things work for about fifteen to twenty minutes. The chemical reaction will break down the clog over this period, as long as the reaction is contained.


If the issue isn’t fixed, that’s no problem. You can rinse and repeat as needed. You won’t even leave any residue that might be problematic for a plumber.


If you want to clean up your carpeting and rugs, baking soda can also help.


What you want to do is sprinkle it over the surface of the carpet and leave it for a bit. After a while, vacuum it up. Alternately, you can scrub out stains using a mix of baking soda and water. This trick is also useful for cleaning up mattresses.


Be sure to vacuum afterwards, because the powder might linger.


Tiles, linoleum, and counters can also be cleaned with the soda. Just water and baking soda mixed into a paste can be used to scrub all sorts of things. While it can’t clean everything, most of the time you won’t need any harsher chemicals.


Are your oven and fridge in desperate need of removing all sorts of gunk? Admit it, you’ve let more than a bit of grime build up there over the years.


A useful method is to make a paste of baking soda and water once again. Spread it out over the interior areas, or wherever the gunk is. Let that sit overnight, or for a 12-hour period. Once done, scrape off the dried paste, taking the residue with it. What’s left can be wiped with a rag.


Linens are also easy to clean with this substance. Just mix it with lemon juice on a white towel. The mix works by being a mild bleaching agent, whitening linens.

No Suds Window Cleaning

Between the stretching and the wiping, the tendency to leave stains or streaks, and all the hard work, it’s no wonder a lot of people prefer to hire out cleaning their windows. To many, it’s a household chore best done by professionals.


However, even with the deals, you can get from, it’s not always a budget choice. There are times when you have to do it yourself.


One of the issues, when people do this, is streaking. These are stains in the window that “streak” along the surface of the glass. It’s unsightly and can be difficult to remove. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this issue when you DIY window cleaning.


First, use distilled water.


Most of the time, as long as you’re using clean water, the quality of it isn’t a problem. With glass, though, you need to be more careful. Water content makes a huge difference. Hard water can be even worse.


Distilled water doesn’t have as many minerals that come with the tap. This prevents most streaking deposits in the mirror.


Another thing to remember is the use of vinegar.


Vinegar is one of those ingredients that just works for so many purposes. It’s tough not to have it. It’s useful because the proper solution can break down stains. Most cleaners are more expensive, though with vinegar you do have to contend with the smell.


I suggest using it on outdoor panes. That way, the wind will keep the smell from being too much of a concern.


Soap is one of those things that might seem like a good idea.


However, everyone knows that soap leaves suds. Suds can leave streaks on the glass of a window. If you use a proper cleaner or vinegar, you avoid this. Don’t use soap.


If you must add soap to the cleaning mixture, especially for an outdoor window that you need to be clear, go light on it. Only a little soap is required to remove dirt, and anything else can cause residue to form on the glass. Don’t get excessive – this isn’t laundry.


Don’t use paper towels. This is a grave error.


For whatever reason, people like using these for wiping their windows. This is a huge mistake because it can scratch the glass or leave stains. Paper towels weren’t designed for window cleaning.


Or, as noted, you could just hire professionals to do this part. It’d be a lot easier on you.

Fixing an appointment with a Neurosurgeon?


In the hospitals, Neurosurgeons are pretty “busybodies.” Sorry if that’s disgusting or irksome. No hard feelings. But it’s the truth. For the nature of their jobs, they are. We will only be deceiving ourselves to say that any issue with the brain doesn’t require immediate alacrity and attention – We know it sure does! Hence, these folks are always busy fixing one head or the other, to at least reduce to a considerable extent the numbers of mad people out there on the street.

If you ever said you saw a Neurosurgeon on time on your first visit to the hospital, I’d give you a hundred bucks. For reals! Because this is almost impossible except if you’ve been given some clues on how to strike an appointment with them.

Don’t worry if you’re reading this because I’m about to save you from the stress of waiting for ever!

In this entire post, if you won’t get any more thing, get the fact that Doctors have family members and they love them. Now, you may be wondering what it is that’s your concern exactly about the last statement but I’d want you to take some chill pills and just let’s take things slowly.

Knowing that Doctors have family members and are always biased at giving them attention, well, the problem is halfway solved. At this junction, the only thing needed of you is to find your way into their hearts and have a throne there just like their family members do. If a throne like their family members is not possible, then sculpture one akin to it. This is what I mean, be close to them; drive your love into their hearts.

And trust me, this may be about the craziest thing you’ve ever done in your life. You know what? Just stumble your way into any hospital and look beyond the long queue of people who want to see the Doctor. Get the Doctor’s cellphone number, walk out of the hospital and that’s all!

Mind you, you don’t just stop at getting the number. You give him a call. Be calm as possible, let him know your predicament. In fact, complicate it tad bit if that will give you his attention. Then, follow up closely for a week by calling him up-to 4 times asking about how is work is going and letting him know you’d want an appointment fixed.

Note that if you’re not a lady, you have to get a close female relative to do this for you. It’s just the norm, Doctors tend to hear ladies out the more.

The clue up there has worked for me over and over for the past few years. You also should try it out!